Thursday, February 01, 2018

Faithful Finance by Emily Stroud

I received this book at just the right time as I recently got married and are just starting to combine finances and investments with my husband! While the book is similar to many other personal finance books I've read, I like how the author brings in a biblical perspective to this area of our life. It's nice to know that we can plan all that we want, but in the end it's God's money and His way. The book is an easy read and gives some links to other resources that you might check out. If you're looking for an updated personal finance book that gives definitions to all that finance jargon and gives you some good recommendations, then check out this book!

I received this book from Handlebar Publishing for this review.


Thursday, November 30, 2017

In the Middle of the Mess by Sheila Walsh review

I must admit, when I picked up this book to read it for the first time, I had to put it down. It was too much for me. I had just gotten married and the stress of wedding planning and having the large scale event in another country was still quite fresh in my mind. I felt as though "Whew....I'll be glad to read about someone else's journey now that I'm on the other side of this momentous, emotion-filled occasion." As a week or two went by and I picked the book back up. I was ready to dive into someone else's journey and stressors--ones much different and deeper than I had ever experienced.

Sheila Walsh shows us an insider's view on a topic that most often goes unspoken:suicide and sucidial thoughts. Being more of an autobiographical book, the author brings to light family secrets that many of us have and yet have kept hidden. Walsh shows us the power in being honest with God and others about these struggles and breaking the power they have when they are kept in the dark.

As someone who wasn't familiar with Sheila Walsh before this book, I read it from a point of view of another person sharing her everyday story. Since reading it, I have seen her on Life Today and realize the book may have even more impact on someone who has seen her in this public role and now can see the internal struggle.

This review is part of my partnership with Handlebar Press to post a review in exchange for an advance copy of the book "In the Middle of the Mess, Strength for This Beautiful, Broken Life" by Sheila Walsh.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Check out my new blog

I've started a new blog which I might just update more often so check me out over there:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whew, glad it's summer! Oh wait, it's almost over....

Yep, it's true. The summer is almost over (by the Labor Day deadline that most people go by) and to me I feel as though I finally have some time to enjoy it! I tried to squeeze in the summertime activities of the Ohio State Fair and Irish Fest and now am trying to get in as many pool days as possible!

If I keep up with this blog, be warned I might use it to showcase my photography practice shots. Just a warning....we'll see if i update this more often than I have been! Hope everyone is having a good summer : )

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I can do that!

I've been known to see anything creative and think "Oh, I can do THAT!" Sometimes it's true and other times, well, let's just say buying whatever "that" is would be better than my creation.

A few weeks ago I talked to a real estate agent/sports photographer and got inspired to really make a go at being a photographer. I love taking photos and like sports so of course I could do THAT. In my inspired state I sent off an e-mail to a company looking for a race photographer and what do you know, they e-mailed me back. The big question now is, can I do THAT? We'll see. It's only an e-mail and not a paid gig just yet but we'll see how this goes!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turn the other cheek....errr door

I am beginning to think my car is a magnet for accidents. Two years ago my car had so much damage from the wind storm (namely from shingles flying off of a friend's condo development's roofs) that my whole got repainted! Woo Hoo! I thought I had that made. A four or five-year-old car that looks brand new! It was nice while it lasted but perhaps its extra shine has attracted other cars to back into it while its parked! Just as I am about ready to take my car in to get the doors repainted from a nice gentleman in the Wendy's parking backing up into my car while I stood next to it, someone backs into the other side of my car last night! What are the odds.... Here's to another fun adventure of getting quotes on the repair and all that. Maybe I'll get fun rental car to drive!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book review: After the Hangover: The Conservatives' Road to Recovery

I finished my latest book for the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program After the Hangover: The Conservatives' Road to Recovery by R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr. I thought it would be an interesting read but not so much. Interesting yes, but I literally needed to use my dictionary for almost every page! I learned a little history on the conservative movement and an insight into the 2008 election which was cool. Plus, it talked about how the conservative movement has been declared "dead" many times and keeps coming back and sometimes stronger than ever. Another insight was how inaccurate information that is repeated over and over in the media becomes seemingly accurate as the years go on and it isn't corrected.

Learning about the history and insights into modern politics was interesting but I just couldn't get past the high vocabulary. I'm sure Tyrell fans will love the book, but for a "newbie" it's too much effort to pull out the dictionary for literally every page of the book (for example, "Goldberg joined that lugubrious cadre," "there was less bonhomie among conservatives" and "she suffered an abrupt detumescense.")

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program.

I received a free copy of this book through the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program.